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The Stray Cats of Israel

Israel has a huge problem with stray cats. They are kind of like pigeons who raid the garbage. Israelis often feed them. We witnessed this phenomenon walking back from the park one night.  There was a huge pride of cats all perched on utility boxes. As we approached, we saw that someone had spread cat food on top of the boxes.

Nearly all of the cats are feral and slink away when people approach, but we met a very friendly cat outside our apartment building. She’s a very sweet cat and we were unsure if we should pet her at first. She gradually won us over and gets love from us every morning and night.

We are pretty sure she has an owner who puts her out at night. She sits daintily by the front door when the cleaning ladies are working in the morning and never even comes in the propped door. Maybe they chase her away? We wish she had a collar. I think the boys secretly want to adopt her.

My dad will appreciate that she looks just like a big tabby we once had named Rocky. She’s not as big as he was, but she looks and moves just like he did. We’ve taken to calling her Rocky.

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  1. September 21, 2011 at 22:08

    Aww. I can’t wait to come and meet Rocky! I love cats.. Bob keeps telling me that the cats over here will eat my face off.. So not to touch them.

  2. William Harkins
    September 22, 2011 at 04:56

    She is there to protect you, Stace and Liam from evil. You should let her come in and take care of you all. Rocky was like that. It could even be him. Keep up the posts



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