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Lemon: Our New Signature Scent

The flies in Israel are very aggressive. When Liam started getting bitten at the bus stop I knew it was time to do something. A friend told me that the sidewalk cafes in Tel Aviv place halved lemons with cloves stuck in them around the tables to repel the flies.   I had some lemon essential oil already, so I started thinking of ways to apply it.

I put some Johnson & Johnson unscented baby lotion in a 3 oz. travel bottle and added about 30 drops of the essential oil. The result is quite nice. It smells like lemon cream pie. I’m not sure if it really even needs clove, because it seems to be very effective. We really notice when we forget to use it. I leave the bottle by the door so we can apply as we leave or just take it with us.

FYI: The picture above is a very pretty poster by Alena Hrbkova that you can buy if you like it.

  1. October 5, 2011 at 08:42

    Thanks for the tip! I went and got some lemon essential oil too.. Not sure what is biting me.. But I would sure appreciate it if it stopped! 😉

  2. October 6, 2011 at 00:50

    OMG! I went out tonight without the lemon bath and I got eaten ALIVE.. Guess who is making her own potion to keep in her purse.. 😉

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