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OOPS! Roxie *Is* a Rocky After All

I love this pic from the Israel Cat Lover's Society website.

I met some of the neighbors tonight while I was on the front steps petting the cat. A resident approached and commented how the cat “really loves the women.” We struck up a conversation about it, then another resident approached, so I got the full scoop.

Rocky is, in fact, a “he.” Or, at least, he was at one point. The reason I didn’t see anything during my quick glimpse under his tail is that there is no longer anything to see. One of the men explained about the spay and neuter programs in Israel, such as the one run by the Israel Cat Lover’s Society. When they sterilize stray kittens they also clip their ears so they round slightly instead of pointing. It’s a way of marking them as sterilized. You can see this in my original post about Rocky.

It also seems there are many families in the building who love and feed him. That explains why he’s always there like clockwork after dinner. What a lucky cat to be master of so many humans.

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