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Yes, You Really *Must* See Paris

When we first started planning our trip to Europe, we were thinking Eastern Europe. We’d heard you could do a fairly cheap vacation in most Eastern European countries so we started asking for recommendations. As we did our research it dawned on us that while it would be a fantastic trip for us, we weren’t really sure how much Liam would enjoy it.

Paris really wasn’t at the the top of our list. It seemed a little passe–everyone who goes to Europe goes to Paris. The actual tipping point in the planning was that we knew Liam would love Disneyland. We were only in Paris proper a few hours when we realized why everyone says that you must see Paris. Yes, you really must see Paris.

It’s really quite simple to navigate for a European city. We bought a 2-day pass from l’Open Paris hop on/hop off bus tours and used it quite a bit to get around. Stace really did well when he booked our hotel 2 blocks from the Champ du Mars. Twice I got to run in the park and see the Eiffel Tower at dusk. Even better was seeing the tower sparkle on the hour after dark. It really was a magical sight.

The streets reminded me a bit of Portland, Oregon because so many of them were lined with trees. There is quite a bit of green space for such a big, old city. I can’t even really articulate what it was that I loved so much. I just felt at home, but in a really romantic sort of way. Yeah, I know it sounds lame, but Paris really does capture your heart.

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  1. October 11, 2011 at 19:25

    Ahh Pare.. I share your sentiments.. It was the beginning point and ending point of our honeymoon in Europe and I will always have such fond memories..;)

  2. October 11, 2011 at 22:26

    My sentiments exactly! It really is a beautiful city – I am so ready to go back again.

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