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Dinner and a Show in Tel Aviv

On a tip from our friends, Bob and Fara, we tried what we believe to be the only Mexican restaurant in Tel Aviv: Mexicana. It actually felt very homey to be there. We get excellent Mexican food in Hillsboro, and probably eat it 2 or 3 times a week normally. We really needed a Mexican fix and this was just the thing. Mexican music. Margaritas. Nachos. Of course, there is an Israeli twist on everything there. The “Cancun” margarita was a blended lychee-passion fruit concoction. Wonderful, to be sure, though not so very Cancun.  The Nachos were great. They used corn and what tasted like house-made flour tortilla chips.

The fajitas were fairly authentic with a hearty sauce I couldn’t quite identify. Instead of sour cream there was a sort of creamy ranch feta spread. Israelis love avacados and garlic so the guacamole was quite good. There was a peanut garnish on my Mexican rice which I thought was tasty, but odd.

All in all, very passable Mexican food.

After dinner we went to an English production at TACT (Tel Aviv Community Theater). We saw a musical called Happy Hour. Our nanny’s brother-in-law had a role. She told us about it thinking it might be a fun thing to do. It was written by TACT’s musical director and was quite fun. Some of the lyrics were a bit corny, but there were some lovable characters and one you just wanted to smack. It was a fun way to spend the evening.

Oddly enough, were able to jokingly reference the play today. Something we usually do with movies. I guess it’s part of our cultural cache now.

  1. Chris Schardein
    December 2, 2011 at 22:10

    It’s always good to have a night out, especially if you have a good babysitter. Glad you got a good time out.

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