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Liam’s Israel Bucket List #8 & 9

I’d referenced Liam’s Israel Bucket List (based on the book Let’s Visit Israel) in a previous post. A few weeks ago we scratched two more items off the list: Float in the Dead Sea and Ride a Cable Car to Masada Fortress. Liam’s “float” was too brief to capture on film because he had some scrapes on his legs that the salt water pretty much set on fire. Poor kid.

He did get to ride the cable car to the top of Masada with “Uncle” Bob while Stace and I hiked the Snake Trail with Fara. We went back a second time to show Grandma and Grandpa. I’m not sure if we will work it in or not, but Liam wants to go back one more time before we head back to the States in April. I think it might be his favorite place in Israel.

If you go for an overnight trip, I highly recommend Villa 1000 in Arad. It’s a Zimmer with apartment-style¬†accommodations. We got a great 3 bedroom apartment with full baths in each bedroom and a kitchenette. Nearby Muza restaurant is a futbol pub that is open on Shabbot and there is a small Russian grocery in town that is also open on Shabbot.

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