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The Passover Report

I promised details of the Passover experience, so here it is…

1. More chametz! We kept finding new unexpected examples of chametz. Actually “finding” wouldn’t really be the right word. “Discovering the disappearance of…” would be more accurate. For example:

  • Spices. The entire spice rack disappeared from our neighborhood grocery store. I needed paprika to make hummus with the dried chickpeas that were still available. No paprika. ūüė¶ My guess here is that it could not be certified chametz-free.
  • Soy Milk. (?)
  • Sucralose. Same reason as the spices?

2. Roby, this one is for you! McDonald’s Matzo Burger. We were warned to stay well away from this one. Sorry, didn’t get the menu pic. FAIL.

3. All those “rules” we were told about when things would close? So arbitrary. We were told so many things by so many different people. We came to the conclusion that it’s really just a free-for-all and no one really knows for sure. Movies still ran, even on the holidays themselves. There were always a few¬†restaurants¬†open. Which is a really good thing because that first batch of hummus did not turn out well. Not because of the paprika. I forgot to buy tahini. Duh. Tel Aviv seemed to be kicking it the whole time, so it’s a great place to be when Passover desperation kicks in.

4. Recovering from Passover might take as long as preparing for Passover. The morning of the Sunday after Passover, when everything magically transforms back to a chametz fest… uh,not so much. Our favorite cafe is only serving drinks today. No shakshuka or yummy bread. (Sad panda.) No challah at the grocery, though the bread isle is slowly filling up again. You’d think these early defeats would temper our expectations. Oh no. We were craving our¬†favorite hummus so we went to Hummus Uzi for lunch. No go. The front door was open. There was momentary hope. They were cleaning and getting the restaurant ready to re-open after having been closed for over a week. Sigh. At least we have cereal and granola again.

  1. Chris Schardein
    April 17, 2012 at 14:58

    Hopefully things will be better this week as you prepare to leave. Maybe we can catch you all in soon. Talk later.

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