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The Portland Timbers Experience

I didn’t get a chance to attend a football match in Israel. Stace went to a Maccabi Netanya match soon after we got to Israel. Somehow I just never got around to it.

I’ve attended a Charlton Athletic match in London, so I feel completely qualified to say that a Portland Timbers match is like being in a European stadium. We went to the Timbers vs. Chicago Fire match on Sunday and sat in the Timbers Army section. It’s an affectionately rowdy crowd who loves to dance, cheer, and flip off the other team. Not all of the cheers are for little ears, but Liam is pretty clueless about that stuff right now so we can get away with it for a while.

Goals are celebrated with chants, waving flags, green smoke bombs, and the sound of the chain saw. A real, honest-to-goodness chain saw hoisted by a real, honest-to-goodness¬†lumberjack. There’s nothing like watching Timber Joey produce a slice of log to celebrate a goal. I’ll have to send you to an official picture of this because there’s no way I’m standing in line for seats long enough to get close enough to get a good one myself.

Even after a goal against, we pledge our love to the Timbers by holding up our scarves and signing Rose City ‘Til I Die. The photo above does not belong to me. I got it from Flicker. I’m in it! See the red rectangle? That’s me singing LOUD!

When the game is over, the team thanks the crowd by walking the perimeter of the pitch and recognizing the fans. They always end the walk in front section 107, the original Timbers Army section. I didn’t get a pic of it (too many flags in the way) but the scorers get to hoist the log slices representing their goals for the Army and the crowd goes wild. You won’t experience supporters like this anywhere else in in the US… maybe not even anywhere in the Americas. RCTID!

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