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A Long Lunch At Caesarea Port

April 24, 2012 2 comments

I found myself able to take a long lunch today between meetings. I felt drawn to Caesarea. I’ve mentioned in multiple posts that it’s my favorite place to spend a day. I tried to entice Stace to meet me there for lunch, but he couldn’t get away, so it was a rare day at the port on my own. I still had a few gifts to purchase before heading home, so I was also able to tackle a task list item. FTW. I really want to remember this day, so I’ll share it with you, gentle reader. (I’ve always wanted to write that.)

I had a wonderful view of the green-blue Med from my table. I'll never forget that color. It was a beautiful day to dine al fresco.

Lunch was baked salmon with an herbed panko crust on a bed of bulgar pilaf. It was heaven, and it was huge. Did I mention whole roasted garlic? Oh right, I said heaven.

I took my leftover salmon to Cat Quarter. The Cat Lady was just coming out to feed the cats and she welcomed my contribution. She said, "Oh, they eat gourmet today." She was carefully preparing a meal with aloe for one of the cats who has a skin condition. Apparently that cat catches snakes and got a parasite from the snakes. It was touching how much she knows about each one of them and how she cares for them.

I stopped at Draydel House to pick up a few more gifts and found this beauty for myself. I'd been wanting to find a hamsa for my house and this one is just amazing. The blue circles are impressions of a 2000-year-old coin found at Caesarea. One side depicts a kiddush cup and the other is a pomegranate branch. I just hope I can get it home safely. If you see me desperately clutching something at Ben Gurion, that's probably it.

I had just just enough time to enjoy the waves for a while before going back to work. *This* is how you take a lunch break.


Shabbot in Caesarea

September 26, 2011 3 comments

Wow. This place was… just… wow. Stace says it’s his favorite touristy place on Earth. I’ve seen some pretty amazing things: sunrise on┬áHaleakala, the cliffs of Dover. This place is so striking with the waves crashing up against the port and the ancient Roman stones just begging to be climbed by little boys. Liam obliged them.

We spent a wonderful day here with our friends Bob and Fara. We tried to outrun a storm that blew in from the Med. It was much faster than we were. I’m learning that rain here means 20 minutes of deluge then back to sun again. It reminded me of the Summer thunderstorms we’d have in Kentucky, sans thunder. After a wonderful lunch at Hametzuda we continued exploring.

You could spend an entire day here. It’s a great place to bring a picnic and the kids just love the climbing. There are great restaurants, galleries and shops, and Bella Gelato has the most artful and delicious gelato I’ve ever seen. Cat Quarter has great little shops including Danon which sells Israeli made jewelry. Cats are everywhere here. They are cared for by the crazy cat lady who owns the ice cream shop.

Our next visit will be for dinner at Helena (where Stace says he’s had two of his top ten meals ever)┬áto watch the sun set over the port. That will be a date night.