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First Haircut in Israel

October 3, 2011 9 comments

I have this wonderful Maya Angelou quote in my email sig: “Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.” It in no way applies to getting a haircut in Israel.

Having worked with Israelis, I know they will listen to you, nod, say OK, then do something wonderful… even if it’s not exactly what you agreed on. This in every way applies to getting a haircut in Israel.

I tend to zone out when I’m getting my hair done. I get sleepy when they wash my hair then I close my eyes during the cut to keep little hairs out. When I “woke up” I realized that my new best friend Itzak did not follow my instructions. I had a brand new style. I panicked for a moment, almost cried, then realized it actually looked great, but my bangs were still too long. I asked if he could cut them some more. It went like this:

Me: It’s still too long, can you cut my bangs shorter?

Itzak: (Squints eyes, shakes head) No. Eez beau-ti-ful deez way.

Me: Seriously, my hair grows fast. It will be poking me in the eyes in two weeks.

Itzak: OK, (shrugs)  just a leedle bit. (Pretends to cut my bangs) How does it look now?

Me: The same.

Itzak: Eez beau-ti-ful. (shrugs)

Well, I have a sexy new style and it only cost me  160 (~US$42) which is basically what I would pay in the US. It wasn’t quite like this, but there was great music, and he did make me silky smooth.