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Old Jaffa

November 5, 2011 3 comments

We spent our Shabbat at Old Jaffa this week. The boardwalk is a wonderful combination of old and new. The Etzel House is an excellent example of this. The building  is literally a modern second story built on ruins. It is closed on Shabbat, so we weren’t able to go in. From the beach we could see two mosques and some well done graffiti that said “SEVER UTAH ETHER”. We assume is an anagram of something, but an online anagram generator produced over 300 possibilities, and I lost interest at about #28.

We spent the morning enjoying parks in the area, including Charles Clore Park. The beach itself was very narrow, but the park was perfect for some kite flying–and you know I had the Koi with me, so I took her out for a spin. There was a vendor in the park selling bubbles, toys, and kites. They actually had a koi kite. It was a little strange though because it was pink and yellow. I’ve never seen a koi in those colors…

It was so nice to see so many kindred souls out there flying kites. Kite etiquette was somewhat lacking though. Doesn’t everyone know you never cross the strings? I had to move several times to avoid entanglements with a grown man flying a Dora kite. Now, that’s just wrong on so many levels. Then the Koi had a close encounter with a para-glider. That was a bit unnerving, but again we emerged unscathed. Stace captured the tense moment.

We had lunch at Manta Ray on the beach. They were very kind and moved us inside from the deck when it got very cold and windy, even though we didn’t have an inside reservation. The food was quite good. We really enjoyed the salad assortment and Stacey’s spring chicken with rosemary was wonderful.

There were plenty of opportunities for Liam to climb. I swear all that child needs is a pile of  rocks to be happy. I decided that the next time we are in Kentucky I’m taking him to Mammoth Cave. He’ll be in heaven.

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Name the Koi Kite Contest

November 5, 2011 2 comments

I’ve been flying my kite quite a bit since I arrived in Israel and I’ve decided she needs a name. I want to give her a Japanese name that reflects her beauty and feistiness. That’s where you come in. Reply in the comments section of this post with your suggested name. If I select your entry you get a prize. If the winner is from North America, I’ll bring them something cool from Israel when I return. If the winning contestant lives in Israel, I will take them out for gelato or coffee.

You may submit as many names as you like. I will choose a winner on Friday, 11 November, 2011 (11/11/11!)

For the best chance to win, please submit a female Japanese name.

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Simple Pleasures

October 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Liam flying my koi kite. (Koite?)

One of the simplest pleasures I know is flying a kite on the beach. I have a chance to do so a few times a year in my other life as an Oregonian. I can do it several times a week in Israel. We’ve tried to make it a habit to get to the beach as often as possible. Our apartment is 3/4 mile from Poleg beach in Netanya.

Last night there must have been 40 kite surfers catching air when we arrived. It’s amazing to go fly a kite in the last light of day and watch Venus emerge as the sun sets. It was a gorgeous one last night, all orange and blazing.

We are sort of astrogeeks too, so we love using apps like Distant Suns to figure out what we are seeing in the night sky. We saw the International Space Station do a fly-by while at the beach a few weeks ago.

We are going back to Caesaria  today and I’m taking my koi kite. It’s a beautiful golden fish with a tail that flaps like mad in the wind. I love flying it, and it always gets admirers. Another simple, pleasurable way to spend the day.