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Simple Pleasures

October 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Liam flying my koi kite. (Koite?)

One of the simplest pleasures I know is flying a kite on the beach. I have a chance to do so a few times a year in my other life as an Oregonian. I can do it several times a week in Israel. We’ve tried to make it a habit to get to the beach as often as possible. Our apartment is 3/4 mile from Poleg beach in Netanya.

Last night there must have been 40 kite surfers catching air when we arrived. It’s amazing to go fly a kite in the last light of day and watch Venus emerge as the sun sets. It was a gorgeous one last night, all orange and blazing.

We are sort of astrogeeks too, so we love using apps like Distant Suns to figure out what we are seeing in the night sky. We saw the International Space Station do a fly-by while at the beach a few weeks ago.

We are going back to Caesaria  today and I’m taking my koi kite. It’s a beautiful golden fish with a tail that flaps like mad in the wind. I love flying it, and it always gets admirers. Another simple, pleasurable way to spend the day.


The Stray Cats of Israel

September 21, 2011 2 comments

Israel has a huge problem with stray cats. They are kind of like pigeons who raid the garbage. Israelis often feed them. We witnessed this phenomenon walking back from the park one night.  There was a huge pride of cats all perched on utility boxes. As we approached, we saw that someone had spread cat food on top of the boxes.

Nearly all of the cats are feral and slink away when people approach, but we met a very friendly cat outside our apartment building. She’s a very sweet cat and we were unsure if we should pet her at first. She gradually won us over and gets love from us every morning and night.

We are pretty sure she has an owner who puts her out at night. She sits daintily by the front door when the cleaning ladies are working in the morning and never even comes in the propped door. Maybe they chase her away? We wish she had a collar. I think the boys secretly want to adopt her.

My dad will appreciate that she looks just like a big tabby we once had named Rocky. She’s not as big as he was, but she looks and moves just like he did. We’ve taken to calling her Rocky.

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The Stack-of-Stuff Departs for Israel

August 19, 2011 Leave a comment

T minus 19 days to liftoff.

Stack of boxes containing our life.

On Wednesday we said goodbye to our stack-of-stuff that was blocking the front room picture window. It is now in transit to Netanya, Israel. Our dog, Hachi, is thrilled to once again be able to monitor neighborhood cat activity from his window. Hachi will be staying with good friends while we are gone.

Now that the stack is gone I’m anxious to follow. We’ve been mentally preparing for this trip since March. It feels more real on some days than others. Our friends, the Coriells are already in Ramat Poleg and moved into their apartment. We will be living just a couple of blocks from them. Our friends the Grims leave next week and will live in Tel Aviv.

We told Liam’s class about our move today and read the book Let’s Visit Israel to give his classmates a sense of where he was going and the things he would see. They all thought it was pretty cool that Liam might have a chance to ride a camel!