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30 Shekels Worth of Ant Killing Joy

October 3, 2011 3 comments

Thank you Teva Market! You, and only you, carry ant killer with Boric Acid–with instructions in English! I’m literally as excited about this as I am to go see The Lion King in London next week! Now I don’t have to worry about having an apartment overrun by ants when I get home. Whew!


The Lazy Housekeeper vs. The Ants

October 1, 2011 6 comments

I think this is what the queen pictures when the scouts describe my apartment.

Liam has been eating granola bars all over the apartment. We’ve had quite the struggle over staying at the table with food. Now we have ants.

They are coming in through the laundry room and carrying granola back out, one oat at a time. The Lazy Housekeeper has morphed into The Obsessive Thrice-a-Day Scrubber.

Trying to buy bug killer in a foriegn language is frightening. The only bottle that even pictures an ant apparently kills EVERYTHING. Even the assurances of the nice lady at the grocery store that it was safe wasn’t enough to calm my fears because I can’t read the instructions. She couldn’t tell me if it would kill the queen or not… I don’t think she understood what I was asking.

I really wanted to use that old Borax hack, but no one seems to sell boric acid powder in Israel. It might be one of those things where it’s just not in an intuitive spot. (For example, cake and brownie mixes are not in the same isle as flour and oil. They are in the sweets isle.) If anyone knows where to find it I’m all ears. Until then I’m scrubbing my surfaces and floors with vinegar + water three times a day.

FYI: The alcohol + dish detergent + water trick does not work here because it dries up too fast. It will kill the ants on contact while wet, but it won’t act as a deterent once it’s dry. The water + vinegar is a better deterent, but only lasts half a day.

Lemon: Our New Signature Scent

October 1, 2011 2 comments

The flies in Israel are very aggressive. When Liam started getting bitten at the bus stop I knew it was time to do something. A friend told me that the sidewalk cafes in Tel Aviv place halved lemons with cloves stuck in them around the tables to repel the flies.   I had some lemon essential oil already, so I started thinking of ways to apply it.

I put some Johnson & Johnson unscented baby lotion in a 3 oz. travel bottle and added about 30 drops of the essential oil. The result is quite nice. It smells like lemon cream pie. I’m not sure if it really even needs clove, because it seems to be very effective. We really notice when we forget to use it. I leave the bottle by the door so we can apply as we leave or just take it with us.

FYI: The picture above is a very pretty poster by Alena Hrbkova that you can buy if you like it.