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An Electrical Socket Made Me Cry

September 8, 2011 5 comments

What do you get when you mix a sleepless 10 hour flight, a mom whose patience has completely run out, an apartment that fell a bit below expectations, and a European outlet adapter that won’t fit into the Israeli socket when you need to dry your hair NOW?

A world-class temper tantrum. Complete with tears. Thrown by yours truly.

It was the “straw the broke the camel’s back.” What an apt metaphor. Isn’t it amazing how something small becomes so magnified when your defenses are weakened? These are the times when you need a bit of distance. I call it “stepping back from the Seurat.” For those who have yet to take Art Appreciation 101: George Seurat was an Impressionist who developed a technique called Pointillism. He used dots of color to create a scene—much like a dot matrix printer, only with paint. If you focus too closely on a Seurat, you only see dots of color. When you step back from the Seurat you see the bigger picture.

The tantrum felt like this:

Stepping back feels more like this:

Sometimes good friends can really help with this. Thanks Elodie and Jeremy for making us dinner, letting me vent, placing me on your balcony with a drink to watch the sun set, and helping me realize I needed to step back. ❤