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A Whirlwind Goodbye to Portland

September 6, 2011 2 comments

There is so much I will miss about the Pacific Northwest and Labor Day weekend was a perfect excuse to soak up as much Portland as I possibly could. Unfortunately the hazelnuts aren’t in yet (no Hazelnut Chocolate Milkshakes at Burgerville yet…) and of course, no useful snow yet, but I was able to take in some uniquely Portland experiences.

Friday Night: Moms Out On the Town

We laughed, we cried, we made the waiter blush. We also discovered a wonderful Sparkling Orange Muscati byTerre Gaie to go with our Dark Chocolate Dulche fondue with sea salt (my mouth is watering just thinking about it…) Sorry about the romantic lighting, but here is a picture of the label in case you want to hunt it down. (I tried to find a link to it, but no dice– We enjoyed it at The Melting Pot in Portland.) We discovered it can be made even better by dropping a slice of strawberry in it. (Thanks Michelle!) I’m going to miss those ladies.


Saturday: Portland Pirate Festival

We’d heard of this festival, but never attended. Liam is generally into pirates so we thought it would be a fun day. I was really impressed at the size of the festival. The kids area was huge with a “Let’s Pretend” stage, Dragon Puppet Theater
shows, face painting, Little Mermaid craft booth, and a huge bounce house in the shape of a huge octopus attacking a pirate ship! There were great food vendors like “Miss Tina’s Thighs.” serving turkey legs, and a Liar’s Dice tournament.

We got to watch swashbuckling sword fights, cannon demonstrations, parrots, and hundreds of folks dressed like pirates, a few mermaids, and one ninja. Stace got into a bit of trouble and had to spend some time in the stocks, but at least they were padded. Yes, that’s my finger. We got new phones this weekend and I’m still learning where the camera lens is on the new ones. Rookie mistake.


Sunday: Timbers Corn Maize at Pumpkin Patch Farm

Liam is really into paper and pencil mazes so we sold him on actually getting to be in a maze. We had to answer questions about the Portland Timbers to find the right path through the maze.  It was an amazing cloudless day and we had a blast. It was just long enough to keep him engaged and there was a break in the middle to give you a sense of being on the right track. The produce market was like a mini farmer’s market. Lot’s of local produce and handwoven baskets from young students they sponsor in Ghana.


Monday: OMSI

OMSI has an exhibit called Game On 2.0. We played old school games like Mario Brothers and really old school  games like Pong. Stace and Liam were in heaven. My favorite part was the Laura Croft corner. She rocks the curves and kicks some serious butt.

So, farewell Portland. We will certainly miss you, but we are off to new adventures. Look for a similar “Farewell to Israel” post in about 6-9 months.