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Rainier Dragon Boat Festival

May 17, 2012 3 comments

I’m kind of  a sad panda this week. The first ever Dragon Boat Israel Festival is underway with races May 17-18. I came back to the US 16 days too early to participate. My winter was spent paddling with a wonderful team of cancer survivors–I’m not one, but they welcomed me anyway. They will compete this weekend and my heart will be with them in the boat.

As a consolation prize, I did make it home just in time to race with the Anniemaniacs at the Rainier Dragon Boat Festival. I was ready to get out there for a real competition. Our rival teams had been lovingly taunting us and turning down invitations to race on practice nights, so we were ready to mop up.

We won our first heat with a time of 02:13:04 (for 500m). We were feeling good and working well as a team at our first race of the season.

We took second in the second heat, even though we’d shaved off 0.5 second to finish  at 02:12:34. The competition was getting better, but placement in the finals would depend on overall time, not wins.

In the semifinals, we won the race by a few boat lengths. That’s us below way ahead of the pack.

We thought we’d cinched a spot in the finals and were feeling pretty awesome about ourselves.

We got off the boat and went straight to check the standings. The wind and current had picked up considerably so we took a hit on our time finishing at 02:20:81. Yikes! We hoped the other boats would have this problem. They did, but we were in for a shock. We’d missed qualifying for the finals by 0.07 second! Two teams we’d beat earlier in the day made it. We were dismayed. Dragon boat can be a harsh mistress.

No matter what, we came together as a team and performed. We were certainly missing some key paddlers and I’m sure that made a difference. But now we are good and mad and hungry for a medal. Our next competition is Alcan Dragon Boat Festival in Vancouver, BC Canada. We will be ready.


Home Safe and Settling In

May 13, 2012 Leave a comment

…or, more accurately hitting the ground running. I owe you guys some updates, but my to-do list is still a mile long. I jumped right back in to dragon boat last week with the Anniemaniacs, attended a Winterhawks playoff game, subbed for the neighborhood softball team, and headed to Tacoma, WA for the Rainier Dragon Boat Festival. I’ll post more on the race later, but here’s a photo by the wonderful Stacey Ross to hold you over. Check out Mt. Rainier in the background and oh yes, that’s our boat waaay out in front of the pack. 🙂