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Liam’s Israel Bucket List #1 & 5

September 20, 2011 5 comments

In the weeks before we left for Israel, I wanted to prepare Liam for what he would see and experience. I ordered books about Israel to read to him at night. One of his favorites was a book called Let’s Visit Israel. (The other favorite was Sammy Spider’s First Trip to Israel.)In Let’s Visit Israel, a boy does the following:

  1. Takes a plane to Ben Gurion Airport
  2. Rides a yellow tour bus up the hills into Jerusalem
  3. Walks along the walls of the Old City
  4. Takes a glass bottom boat in Eilat
  5. Rides a camel
  6. Rides in a jeep through the desert
  7. Rides a tractor on a Kibbutz
  8. Floats in the Dead Sea
  9. Rides a cable car to the Masada Fortress
There is a lot of riding in this book!
So far we can check off two things: landing at Ben Gurion and riding a Camel at Safari in Ramat Gan. Safari is a drive-thru safari with a full size regular zoo in the middle. We spent most of Shabbot there enjoying the animals and had a fantastic lunch of schnitzel, Israeli salad, pita, and hummus.