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What Are the Chances?

September 12, 2011 Leave a comment

I love that facebook keeps me in touch with people who would normally fall off my radar. I know what my high school friend just made for dinner, and if I wasn’t half a world away right now I’d be knocking on her front door instead of writing this post. Because of facebook, I saw that my grade school friend, Greg, was going to be in Tel Aviv just days after we moved to Israel. You just can’t pass up an opportunity like that, so Stace, Liam, and I had dinner with him last night.

I’d last seen Greg when I was in my home town last year. A few of us from the St. Athanasius eighth grade class of ’86 got together at a pub ad shared stories over pints. It was fun to catch up with him again. It’s so fun to hang out with old classmates who turn out to be really cool people. Greg is on a marathon business trip. He’d just come from Moscow, is here for a couple more days, and then off to Prague (I think?).

So, thank you facebook, for facilitating that. Keep up the good work!

Tracy and Greg at a beachfront cafe in Tel Aviv