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OOPS! Roxie *Is* a Rocky After All

October 2, 2011 Leave a comment

I love this pic from the Israel Cat Lover's Society website.

I met some of the neighbors tonight while I was on the front steps petting the cat. A resident approached and commented how the cat “really loves the women.” We struck up a conversation about it, then another resident approached, so I got the full scoop.

Rocky is, in fact, a “he.” Or, at least, he was at one point. The reason I didn’t see anything during my quick glimpse under his tail is that there is no longer anything to see. One of the men explained about the spay and neuter programs in Israel, such as the one run by the Israel Cat Lover’s Society. When they sterilize stray kittens they also clip their ears so they round slightly instead of pointing. It’s a way of marking them as sterilized. You can see this in my original post about Rocky.

It also seems there are many families in the building who love and feed him. That explains why he’s always there like clockwork after dinner. What a lucky cat to be master of so many humans.

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Rocky is now Roxie

September 29, 2011 4 comments

It’s official. She’s now “our cat.” At least, that’s what we’ve been calling her. Being that she is a she, it felt strange to call her Rocky, so I announced that I was changing her name to Roxie.

Now, when I say she is our cat, I should clarify what this means. In the past, we’ve always been the kind of cat owners to keep our felines indoors and commit to care for them until they die. This situation has been hard. If we were to bring her inside (assuming she’d go for that at all) and truly adopt her, we’d likely commit to bringing her back to the US when we return home. That’s just the way we are.

We still feel that given how friendly she is and how well fed she looks, she may actually belong to someone. I don’t think this is the case, but it also occurred to me that she could be hiding kittens somewhere. It would break my heart to think we’d separated them.

So, when I say she’s our cat. I really mean that in the Egyptian sense. We basically meet her outside the lobby of the apartment and bring her tributes of chicken or cheese. She’s affectionate with us whether we have food or not. She’s even started responding to my call: a little clicky noise I always use with my animals that means food and/or love is coming.

For now, the relationship seems to be working for everyone, especially Liam who misses our cat Shelby who died last fall. He’s still trying to talk us into bringing her inside and we keep coming up with reasons not to. We’ll see how that goes.

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Shabbot in Caesarea

September 26, 2011 3 comments

Wow. This place was… just… wow. Stace says it’s his favorite touristy place on Earth. I’ve seen some pretty amazing things: sunrise on Haleakala, the cliffs of Dover. This place is so striking with the waves crashing up against the port and the ancient Roman stones just begging to be climbed by little boys. Liam obliged them.

We spent a wonderful day here with our friends Bob and Fara. We tried to outrun a storm that blew in from the Med. It was much faster than we were. I’m learning that rain here means 20 minutes of deluge then back to sun again. It reminded me of the Summer thunderstorms we’d have in Kentucky, sans thunder. After a wonderful lunch at Hametzuda we continued exploring.

You could spend an entire day here. It’s a great place to bring a picnic and the kids just love the climbing. There are great restaurants, galleries and shops, and Bella Gelato has the most artful and delicious gelato I’ve ever seen. Cat Quarter has great little shops including Danon which sells Israeli made jewelry. Cats are everywhere here. They are cared for by the crazy cat lady who owns the ice cream shop.

Our next visit will be for dinner at Helena (where Stace says he’s had two of his top ten meals ever) to watch the sun set over the port. That will be a date night.

The Stray Cats of Israel

September 21, 2011 2 comments

Israel has a huge problem with stray cats. They are kind of like pigeons who raid the garbage. Israelis often feed them. We witnessed this phenomenon walking back from the park one night.  There was a huge pride of cats all perched on utility boxes. As we approached, we saw that someone had spread cat food on top of the boxes.

Nearly all of the cats are feral and slink away when people approach, but we met a very friendly cat outside our apartment building. She’s a very sweet cat and we were unsure if we should pet her at first. She gradually won us over and gets love from us every morning and night.

We are pretty sure she has an owner who puts her out at night. She sits daintily by the front door when the cleaning ladies are working in the morning and never even comes in the propped door. Maybe they chase her away? We wish she had a collar. I think the boys secretly want to adopt her.

My dad will appreciate that she looks just like a big tabby we once had named Rocky. She’s not as big as he was, but she looks and moves just like he did. We’ve taken to calling her Rocky.

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